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Ball Busting Fiction.
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Sunday, August 26th, 2007
11:56 am
A quick link
I got nostalgic recently, and came across this link http://bbtoon.blogspot.com/ while looking at California Mean Girls. Hand-drawn pictures usually don't do anything for me, but this wok is hot. I can recommend the artwork to any BB fan.
Friday, October 6th, 2006
6:48 pm
Alien abduction.
Aliens: A few weeks ago Ballusting posted an eleven paragraph story about alien abduction and ballbusting. He ended the story with an invitation to his readers, they should post their own alien bb fiction. Thanks Ballbusting, I hope you don’t mind fan fiction, here’s mine.

It’s not like the movies. There’s no light, the window doesn’t blow in, there’s really very little noise when aliens abduct you. One moment you’re in bed, then you hear a kind of muted droning, the world goes out of focus, and you find yourself naked and unable to move, standing on an alien ship. At least that’s what happens when the Moldaran’s travel untold light years across space to investigate the testicles of humanoid males.

“Oooh nuclear weapons, I am soooo afraid. I bet you stuff them into the tips of great big, hard rockets and shoot them at one another on an enormous wads of flame.” That’s how they talk, or at least the tall one with the perky breasts. She seems to be the leader, or the talker. Just as Ballbusting described from his abduction, the Moldarans have blond hair on their heads and no hair anywhere else. They have no nipples, navels, or labia, I should know, I have been sneaking peeks at their absent pussies since arrived on their ship. “We have infinite travel, teleportation, and calorie-free chocolate.” Perky doesn’t give up. She started out caressing my body while explaining how she was going to kick my sex glands with slowly increasing force, and record the results, but then I made some stupid remark about how they had come countless light years just to bust a few balls. Since then she has not shut up about Moldaran scientific achievements. “And then we eliminated poverty and discovered a method of guaranteed female orgasms during sex. Oh look, is that a mark where there was a digital watch on your wrist? Digital watches are such a good idea. What a leap in technology, soon you’ll discover the secret of being satisfied with your penis size. In a million years, hah!” Perky flaps her arms for emphasis and glares. There are two other Moldarans in the room. One is about Earth woman height and has clearly decided that large breasts are still important, even if you lack the nipples to use them. The other is slender and petite. Both look like Earth women, just without the details.

“He’s never going to get an erection. You keep nagging him, and you smell like motor oil.” The busty one seems to be the chief scientist she only speaks to command the others or to make some sort of technical sounding pronouncement. Calling her Busty is an understatement, she has beautifully formed breasts, and cleavage that I could watch all day. And yes it’s true, they smell like motor oil. But three naked women who want to bust my balls me don’t need to smell like roses. Busty turns to argue with Perky. The small one approaches, she has full shoulders and firm breasts. When she turns around you can see hips like an upside-down heart. While the other two remonstrate she gently slips my flaccid penis into a large tube covered with buttons and read outs. She looks up at me and smiles, the tube swallows my penis with soft warmth. Her cool fingers wrap around my low-hanging balls and she squeezes. The last time she grabbed me she held on for ten seconds, and seemed to exert as much force as her delicate hands could muster, not much. The pain is much less than I had expected, Skinny is weaker than an Earth woman of the same stature. Pain and pleasure mingle, I start to fill the tube. Skinny alien-girli-with-a-great-ass, we’ll call her Skinny, lets go and gently slips off the tube. She fondles my half-raised cock for a few seconds while the others aren’t looking. Then she checks the tube.

“He’s getting longer and thicker.” She announces in a deep voice. Unlike us, Moldarans seem to have higher voices the bigger they get. Skinny sounds like a valkyre. “He’s showing a positive erotic response to testicle squeezing. The longer I squeeze, the stiffer he gets. With this technique we can cause an unaroused male to become engorged whenever we want.” Perky and Busty stop arguing and look at their companion for a moment. There’s no sound but some odd music they seem to like. It makes me think of a cross between country and opera, but all ambient with a techno beat, maybe some metal. Busty fixes her smaller companion with a look I can’t interpret.

“Are you sure he isn’t responding to some other stimulus? It could be a response to your proximity.”
“No, I am not getting closer each time I test him. I just slip on the phallometer and squeeze his balls longer each time.” Perky isn’t talking, she looks pissed at Busty. Busty walks over to me and prods my relaxing member with a clinical forefinger. Her breasts sway invitingly as she stands up straight, but I can’t move.
“Are you certain there are no other variables? I don’t want to ruin this experiment. “Skinny nods. “Very well.” concludes Busty “Proceed with the testicle kicking.” Busty waves a dismissive hand to Perky, her breasts shift with the motion. I wonder if her boobs are spoiling their data.

Skinny points the phallo-whatsit penis tube thing at my cock and does something. Instantly I go flaccid and my balls drop. The rest of me feels relaxed, calm. The pain is gone. I can’t place it, but there’s something odd about Skinny. Odd for a five foot-four, blonde, nipple-free and navel-less alien, at least. Perky marches right up to me and stops, bends at the waist and examines my penis for a moment. She has a smooth, strong back. Her ass isn’t as nice as Skinny’s, but I am not complaining. Too bad about the smell. She stands up suddenly, her breasts jiggle with the momentum. Perky backs up, wriggles her hips slightly, like a cat getting ready to pounce. Then her foot slaps into my hanging nuts.

“Ohh, fuck. Ahh.” Okay, you try saying something intelligent after being kicked in the balls. I am still standing. Like I said, Moldarans don’t seem as strong as Earth women. Skinny points the penis gadget at me, then nods at Perky, who kicks me again. “Ow ow ow.” She seems to have perfect, ball seeking aim. More measurements, more kicks. I groan and writhe, but the kicks are too weak to hurt much, and I start to rise. Perky notices, Skinny measure, hell, all three are staring at my cock. Too bad none of them can seem do anything with it. Their pubic bulges seem to be getting a bit bigger, but that’s probably wishful thinking on my part. Perky stops when I am fully erect. My balls are sore and pulled up for protection. It doesn’t help. Perky’s foot hits right on both balls whenever she kicks. Slowly Perky stretches her right foot out, and pushes my swollen cock up against my belly. She starts to rub and tease the underside of my shaft with her foot. This is so worth being abducted.

“What are you doing?!?” yells Busty. “He’ll ejaculate. Then we’ll have to start all over again.” She pushes past Perky, lifts up my penis like she was just handling a tool, and starts rubbing my perineum. “You can feel a seminal build up in his prostate. Here, feel this.” Busty grabs Perky by the wrist and guides her hand. The two of them, naked and glorious stand there rubbing my balls, shaft and perineum with their chilly fingers. I wriggle a bit. “Stop, stop. He’s going to ejaculate. He may be pre-orgasmic.” She quickly wipes a drop of lubricating fluid from the swollen tip of my penis and pops the finger in her mouth. “Yes, that’s semen all right. We stopped just in time. We could have ruined everything accidentally.” Perky frowns, then decides to push back the frontiers of science. She drops to her knees, and with a clinical attitude, licks the tip of my penis. I try not to spasm.

“Mmm, it tastes kind of odd. Are you sure it’s not toxic?”
“Yes,” says Busty, with a tired voice “it’s perfectly safe.”
“Still, I can’t quite place it. There’s a strange aftertaste.” Perky slowly runs her tongue around my glans. I can’t help smiling a bit.
“That’s because you’re tasting his skin along with his sexual fluids. You taste the skin of his his organ, then his semen. Try tasting the shaft of his reproductive organ, then go back to the tip and taste his pre-ejaculate again. Just don’t let him go into an ejaculatory spasm.” I could hug Busty, I hope she gets a great big research grant back on Moldara. Perky’s hot tongue runs up and down my cock, slowly. Then she tastes the tip, then goes back for another taste comparison. I can’t take it any longer, the feeling wells up inside me and I let go a body-flexing sigh. “Stop stop, use controller, make him stop!” Busty looks cute when she’s panicked about her experiment, in fact she looks cute even when I don’t have a raging hard-on. Skinny points the tube thing at my crotch. I go limp. There’s neither pain nor pressure. Somewhere in the back of my now relaxed mind the smart bit speaks up. The skiny one doesn’t smell like a sports car. In fact, she smells like a human woman, good, really good.

Perky and Busty now dash over to some screens across the room, and start pouring over data like eager coeds. The penis tube must be wirelessly sending information to their lab computer. Skinny ambles over to me and smiles. The semen that was in my shaft when I was hard is now dribbling onto the floor. She kneels down in front of me and sucks on my flaccid cock, hard. I stiffen and she stops. Skinny makes an adjustment to the penis controller and sets it down beside my feet. “Now you won’t get hard so fast.” There’s a strange breathiness to her voice. “The other guy, Ballbusting, he was fun. We leaned a lot from him.” She lingers on ‘learned’ in a way that sounds un-academic. “So, you probably read in his blog that our males have no balls. They’re really strong and dominant. That’s part of why we like these things so much.” She pauses to bat my testes kittenishly for a few seconds. “But we can change, our bodies I mean.’ I notice that Skinny has one knee up and a hand on her featureless crotch. “If we can show that there’s erotic potential in external sex glands then our men will change. We’re not so different.” Busty and Perky are oblivious to anything but their data. Skinny leans back, and spreads her knees a bit. It’s like looking at a woman in tight shorts. The soft flesh of her thighs is there, the outline of her mound is there, but there’s no slit. Skinny takes her one finger and rubs it gently along her bulge, right where a cleft should appear. What happens is something like cross between a blossoming flower and a zipper opening. She giggles softly at my expression. “How did you think we make babies? We don’t just grow them in vats. Our males can also release their gonads. They just keep them protected. We’re not trying to start a sex war. We just want to show them the erotic side of their vulnerability. Your species responds very well to limited testicle pain. Your computer networks have plenty of information of erotic ball busting. If we can get our males to let it all hang out, then we can arouse them.”

“So, this is all about sex? I thought that if a woman went without sex long enough she started to lose interest. I mean, shouldn't your males be trying to make you aroused, not the other way around?” My attention is suddenly diverted to the scene below me.
“Can you tell me which part of my body I am touching?” Skinny’s words are a little slurred. She’s gently pulling back the skin at the top of her pussy and gently stroking the pink bud beneath.”
“Your clitoris?” Hey, how many alien sexual anatomy books have you studied?
“Exactly.” Skinny runs her fingers along her slit in light circles, and the flesh seals up leaving no hint of a seam. “Our men are strong, powerful, and don’t give a damn.”
“But your friend said that you had guaranteed orgasm.”
“When we get sex, when we can tear our men away from themselves, when they aren’t too strong to let down their defenses and show love. Also, there’s this Earth concept called foreplay that seems to have skipped the genius brains back home. Forgive me, I am beginning to sound like someone else.” Her thighs close and Skinny stands up slowly, her body almost touching mine.

“Don’t make him ejaculate, and don’t castrate him.” I could almost resent Busty breaking the moment, but that last command got my attention. “We know what it takes to rip off a man’s testicles, or crush them, or even bite them off. There’s no need for duplicate results.” Cold realization creeps upon me. Skinny leans forward and grabs my bag firmly. The controller kept my scrotum relaxed, paper thin, and my balls helplessly low. Skinny’s nipple-less breasts rubbed against the bare skin of my chest as she whispers in my ear
“All in the name of science.”
Moldarans don’t have much hair, nipple, navels or visible genitals, but they have fingernails and at that moment two of them were coming between my testes and the tubes that connect them to my body. Her hands and breasts cool my skin where they touch. Skinny glances over at the other two. “I just want to show him some of our scientific superiority, okay? I won’t give away any secrets. “ Busty and Perky nod as they work, but don’t look up. Despite their excellent bodies they don’t seem interested in anything other than their computers. I watch Skinny’s beautiful ass roll as she walks out the door.

Busty gets up from her terminal and stretches. Her breasts flop as she twists, and the penis control thing probably stops me from blowing a gasket. She stretches her arms and back for a few breathtaking seconds, then walks over to me. She stops and ponders my naked groin, I ponder the smell of a well-run engine. She bends down to pick up the penis controller and her shoulder rubs along my thigh. If Perky and Skinny have cool skin, then Busty is almost cold. She does something to the device, then slips it on my cock. It hangs there, weightless, but soft and and warm along my shaft. Busty starts to shake her breasts, slowly. I can’t help but watch. I think her lips part in a smile. She rolls her shoulders ad those huge, pendulous breasts make circles. Even without nipples she has an awesome rack. She puts her arms up above her head and shimmies her breasts, they move like liquid orbs. The flesh of her cleavage shifts in mysterious, enticing ways. My cock rises, tube and all. Busty tuns to the side for a different angle. Then she bends to let her breasts hang free and wriggles her shoulders. The tube beeps. Busty pauses, looks up into my eyes, and my breath comes out all at once as she slams her knee into my groin. Not even Perky’s kicking has had this effect. Moldarans just didn’t seem that strong for their size. Busty pulls the tube off my dropping cock and checks the read out. She looks thoughtful, mutters something I can’t understand, and wanders back to her terminal. The pain is building, it has left my balls and is now in my lower abdomen, if I was able to move I would fall. All I can do is gasp and stare at the floor. Dimly, I can hear Perky speaking, then the pain is gone. Perky is looking at me, she seems a bit concerned. Her chilly fingers are gently squeezing my balls all over. She’s testing me for damage. “He’s fine. We really knew all that already, they love breasts and will watch them all the time. A really, really hard knee in the sex-glands causes loss of penile blood pressure.”

Busty seems unimpressed. “It’s nice to get a few results to explore my pet theories. Come, let us prepare the transporter to send him back. He can’t write any more stories stuck up here.” With that, the two of them turned and left. For the record, Perky has the better legs.

I had not been alone for long when Skinny came flying through the door. She was clutching a small assortment of strange metal objects to her chest, and smiling gleefully. She looked around for a moment, then set three weird objects at my feet. One looked like a soda can, with an open top. Another looked like a key chain light, the last like a remote. “Okay, I’m back, they’re gone. Time for some fun. First this.” She had retrieved the penis controller from Busty’s desk and did something that reset me. “This is wicked, I call it a rip-off.”

“Uh, when did you get a personality change?” I ventured. Perhaps not the best question.
“They’re gone, the experiments are done, and you respond very well to moderate testicle pain and unfulfilled erotic threat. For example, this experience.” She slipped my the open end of the soda can thing over my dangling balls. There was a loud snap, and something made a tight ring around my scrotum. “As soon as the rip-off sense testes the victim’s sexual glands are encircled to make certain that they don’t squirt out under pressure.” My balls twisted, almost painfully, inside the can. I didn’t like the sound of this. “Then they are twisted around to build apprehension.” So far she was right about everything. “Then two plates, driven by powerful motors, start to slowly crush the testicles.” I bit my lip. “Before the pain becomes too great the plates stop. The male doesn’t realize it, but it’s too late for him now. Then a wedge is driven up between the testicles.” Something hard started to inexorably push between my balls. I whimpered , this was worse than Busty’s knee. Skinny did something and the motion stopped. I was suspended in pain. “Fortunately the rip-off is controllable.” She paused to lift my slowly filling penis away from the rip-off, and rested her finger on a stud. “It will slowly crush the wearer’s testicles, then pull the scrotum off along with the ruined flesh. Or ... it could just pop off like this.” She pressed the stud and the rip-off clattered to the floor. Blood and feeling rushed into my gonads. I wailed. “There there. Part of you enjoyed that, I can see it. “ She gestured to my penis. “Maybe the rip-off needs more tuning.” She fiddled with the penis controller and the pain went down a bit.

Skinny picked up the key chain light. “This excites selenium. Do you know what that means?”
“No. Is it some kind of ball destroyer?”
“Almost.” She pointed the gadget at me an a wide beam of light hit my chest. Nothing happened. The light began to descend. “Do you know where there’s more selenium in a humanoid body than anywhere else?” She stopped and waved the light all over her body, she let the beam light up her smooth crotch. “In the testicles. I don’t have any, so the beam has no effect on me. Any male in the beam will feel this.” I yelled in pain as the bean shone on my groin. It felt like my balls were trying to rip themselves apart. There was a soft click and the pain started to fade. “This isn’t as intimate or personal as what do you call it, ball busting? Nice term. But think about how it could be used.” She looked at my penis, disappointed. “Enough weapons, now for the final device.” I didn’t want to show fear, but this was getting really bad. She picked up the remote and pressed a button. I flipped back, and was suspend in mid air, flat on my back. Then I slowly floated down to about the height of Skinny’s hips.

Skinny put the remote down on my chest and straddled my lower thighs. She started fondling my balls. “I wish our men had these, I mean they do, but they keep them hidden, safe.” Her thighs were cool against mine, but soft and smooth. She had a sweet face, and a tight little body, pity about the lack of features. She gave my nuts a tug and squeezed a bit. I gasped and stiffened. “Oh, sorry.” She pressed another button on the remote, and I could move. One hand firmly gripping my sack, she flipped a leg around her arm and leaned forward so that her smooth breasts hung in my face. “There, I set you free, now what are you going to do about it?” I remained still. Skinny let go of my balls and collapsed with an exhasperated sigh. “Men. The same all over the universe.” Her taught, firm breast were still in my face, I kissed them. Fist where the nipples should be, then the sides. “That’s better. That’s more like it.” Cool skin and lack of features were not stopping me from nuzzling and fondling her lovely boobs. Something hard poked my cheek, it was a nipple. “Keep going, that’s a good sign.” I kissed, and teased her newly sprouted nipples with my tongue. “Oh yes, that’s what we need.” She shuffled back until our crotches met and she could kiss my chest. I stroked her hair.
“It’s really soft, and you smell so good. Not like the others.”
“There’s a reason for that. I know you would figure it out. Just like the erotic side of a woman hurting your intimate dangly bits. “ She reached down and gave my nuts a squeeze.
“You know it. And you know how to turn me on.”
“More, come on.” She wriggled her hips. Her crotch wasn’t as soft as I had expected. In fact the spot where her vulva should have been was almost tough, like she was wearing jeans.
“You have uh, hair like silk, and a mischievous smile. And your eyes, they’re like stars.”
“Better, but you need practice.” She slid her crotch up and down along my shaft, leaning forward to rub her pointy nipples along my chest. I took that perfect ass in both hands, and gave it a loving squeeze. “Oh yes, that’s it. “ She pushed her hips back. I was sure I could feel the little nub of her buried clitoris rub against my stiffness. I brushed her hair and pulled her face towards mine. We kissed deeply and moved together.
“Why aren’t there women like you on my world?” I groaned, this was getting too much. Three gorgeous females had erotically tortured my genitals all night, and now one of them was making love to me. I grabbed Skinny by the shoulders and pulled her down for another kiss. Her mouth was much warmer than the rest of her. I kissed her throat and breasts. My tongue flicked her nipples, then licked the aureolas from the nipple outwards. Skinny bucked and heaved against me.
“Oh you’re going to ejaculate. I can feel you losing it.” She pushed her tough mound against my rod, and for the second time her body opened. She rode up perfectly, and used her fingers to push my tip back between her thighs. She slid down until I was fully into her. Inside she was soft and slick as any woman could be. She had stopped being cool after her nipples popped, but once I was inside her she radiated heat. Her hips rocked, then twisted and I exploded into her depths. She squeaked something unintelligible, rolled her eyes back, gasped and pounded her little fist into my chest, just below the left nipple. “Oh, oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. Oh, oh, good good good, my stars and heavens. Where’s the controller? You’re going to do that again.”. There was a loud thump as she fell off me and hit the floor.
“Are you okay? I mean that was good, but I mean great, really fabulous. Uhh.. I don’t know your name. Are you all right down there?” I was free to move, but still in the air, floating precariously like a man on a tiny raft.
Skinny appeared from below, and propped elbows up on my chest. She was clutching the penis controller in one hand and steadying herself with another. She blew her hair out of her face. “For the your information, there are plenty of women like me on your planet, They just don’t want you to think that they are sadistic bitches because they enjoy a little kinky ball play, or sluts because they enjoy sex. I had to either tell you that, or how to travel faster than light. Consider it the greater good.”
“Oh yeah. Light speed is easy, once you understand the math. Try remembering her special days too. That’s another gift from an advanced culture.” She pointed the controller at my penis, and I went from afterglow to afterburner.
“What I meant was...” A chime cut me off. Skinny thumped me in the balls and shrieked.
“No, no. Not yet, void take it. Fuck! I’m not finished. I’m going to kill her.” Women still confuse me. She straightened up, then leaned forward and cradled my face in both hands. “Before you go...”

Even when you are awake there’s nothing dramatic about Moldaran transportation. One moment you are somewhere, then the scenery changes. Void take it. Fuck!
Sunday, March 19th, 2006
10:45 pm
I used to post more often.
Actually, dear BB fans, I used to have a really good muse, and write under the name primogen2001. I don't expect anyone to remember that persona. I lost touch with my writing, my account, and my records in that order. So here I am, beginning again. A few things to consider:

1) Ballbusting is adult fun.
-That means it's for adults.
-That means it's fun.
If you enjoy a good whack in the sack yourself, at least let your characters enjoy the same pleasure.

2)Women are people. If you look around off LJ, you'll find plenty of ballbusting fiction. But there's the problem of BB authors portraying women as toally devoid of any positive emotion. Why does a woman have to hate a man before she can hurt his balls? If a man wants to be busted then something other than anger could motivate a woman to kneel his nuts.

3)Ballbusting doesn't have to be heterosexual. That's just my preference, maybe yours too, but since I am ranting I might as well toss that in too. GJ to Kramtoad, he's clearly gay, but has f/m ballbusting on his site.

Well, that's it for now.
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
10:29 pm
Posting, community, nuts.
So it's Valentines Day today. It's a day when many hapy couples celebrate, and many singles become even more bitter. No doubt more than one woman has thougt about mashing the testes of a forgetful boyfriend or ex. But that's not why I am writing. You see, LiveJournal is a community. A community works because people communicate. We cone together, and focus on what we enjoy, in this case a woman's foot slapping into a man's dangling scrotum. Of course a punch in the pouch could also do the trick, or a firm knee in the groin would satisfy amny a buster of either sex. I should point out that there are many gay ballbusting fans out there. All I can say to them is that they should not be shy, post, produce and share. It will all come back to you in the end, or in the nuts if you are lucky. For the rest of the F/M ballbusting community, of which I am pleased to be a member, let's get on the ball :) Write something, post it. Make a point of posting a comment in the LJ of someone else on the BB lists.

Earlier today I had a chat with a fairly tall woman. She was blond and pretty. I couldn't make much of her build beneath her coat. But she had big hands. I couldn't help wondering what it would be like having her squeeze my testicles. She was certainly hot enough to be an object of desire, but the idea of her snatching my jewels and crushing them in her grip just stayed with me. Do you think I have a fetish of some sort :)

So I leave you with this thought. The next time you visit the LJ of another ballbusting fan, leave a comment. You don't have to leave a comment on my space, although it would be appreciated. Urge the others to post thoughts, comments, and stories. The more you post, the more the others will post, the more other ballbusting people post, the more there is to read and see.

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
6:16 pm
Why I like squeezes.
Really I don't know, each method of ballbustng has it's own advantages and delicious possibilities. Women have been enjoying the unique opportunities of testicular torture since the discovery that it's not always bad. I'm not one of those guys who believes that all women are sadists, or fear men, and need to bust. Most, IMHO, would rather not hurt anyone, other than an ex:), balls or not. Once some clever girl got the idea that the pouch beneath the stiff part could also be fun, busting for pleasure began. Let's look at a few choices.

The foot. Kicking testicles seems almost instinctive for females. Maybe it's the way the scrotum is positioned so tantalizingly between the thighs, covering what would be a woman's vulva. Maybe it's the way balls move in their sack when a man walks. Or perhaps it's just the thrill of suddenly eliminating a man's power. In any case, a lot of people find feet at least a little erogenous, and smacking one erogenous zone into another comes with it's own pleasures. I'm not into feet that much, but being teasingly kicked has made me cum. Okay, there was a little manual prompting going on too. A woman can keep a man's thick, hard penis away from her soft spots will a well placed foot in the sex-glands. This does not have to be self-defence, with the right understanding it's just an erotic toy.

The knee. Close, personal, able to feel the other person's body heat, smell their scent, their skin upon yours. The knee comes up. The man goes down, or back a bit. Closeness gives kneeing the groin special eroticism. Unlike the foot, which comes from a distance, the knee can reach low-hanging fruit without warning. Knees are powerful, dangerous, intimately close. They strike treacherously, and carry a certain risk.

The grip. My favourite. Only a few women have squeezed my nuts properly. Most of them seem afraid to squeeze too hard. Done right it's fabulous. Hand's touch, stroke, put life into flaccid penises, and gently caress. Once a woman start's stroking a man down below he's soon hard and helpless. Desire grows with each pass of the finger. Feminine hands can also snatch a man's jewels, and hold them for ransom, or squish them. A rough squeeze makes a soft man hard, a powerful squeezes makes a hard man soft. It's close, connected, and requires a lot of trust. Once a girl has a guy by the balls, she's in control of not just pleasure and pain, but the ability to control his sex glands by stimulating them directly.

That's enough for now.
Tuesday, December 27th, 2005
11:10 pm
A pic.
Someday I'll have to edit this and put it behind a cut. For the purposes of scholarly review, I submit a single page from Susan Smith's book Freedom From Fear. The fact that it's grade a ballbusting is also worth noting. I especially like the way the thick penis lies helplessly over the woman's hand while the man sack is being twisted and squeezed.

If you are lucky enough to use or experience this one in a friendly ballbusting sort of way then try it out slowly at first.
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
6:51 pm
Why is there not more BB?
Aside from men's horror of having their intimate glands injured? Perhaps the average guy is so spooked by the idea of a woman flicking her foot up between his thighs that he can't even admit the arousing power of ballbusting. Personally, I am stiffening at the thought of a dainty foot slapping my relaxed scrotum and the low-hanging fruit within. The thought of a gentle hand wrapping around my sex glands and squeezing makes me grow in masculine response. I am not looking for castration, or debilitation. The intense feelings surrounding ballbusting turn up my internal thermostat. Feelings provide the power, the physical part is just the initial spark. Certainly BB can be included with regular sex. While I have orally pleasured a woman before getting busted by her, I'd like to try doing it after, or during, her grasp of my sexuality.

BB got a head start in Eighties and Nineties films, where any female action character had to kick and knee her way past baddies. While scenes of swift feminine legs provided me with fodder for fantasy, the scenes were never really displayed as erotic. The audience was expected to believe that this was the only believable option for a woman to beat a man. It was also a good way to provoke a response from male watchers. Still, the fringe media is bringing us more BB options every day. Pay BB sites are springing up. Many of them have beginner level camera-work and were clearly filmed in one take. What BB media needs is someone to take it seriously. A ballbusting media company needs to stage shots and movie clips with as much care and attention as regular pornography.

Right now 'mainstream' BB seems obsessed with traditional CBT models like punishment revenge, anger, or self-defense. But ballbusting can be enjoyed for its own pleasure. Guys who want to be busted want just that. If dressing up like a burglar, or acting out an amazon fantasy helps, that's great, but the medium should not be confused with the message.

There are many BB sites that I have not seen. It's likely that they will increase in number, and I look forward to that with growing anticipation. Amateur BB photos and films are also beginning to crop up on the web. With time, and luck, amateur sites will show mainstream producers what BB fans want, and they will give it to us.
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
10:35 pm
I just read bbuster's post on how to wash a penis. I am going to have to learn how to link LJ posts. It's getting me kind of hot and heavy. The position described in the instructions is simple. The man lieas on his back, lifts his knees and lets them fall apart. It's also a great position for a little friendly ballbusting. The male partner's thighs are open. If his scrotum is loose then it will just fall back against his perinium. If you tried the same thing with legs together, then a loose scrotum lets his balls fall between his thighs. The whole male apparatus is right out in the open in the position bbuster describes. The balls can be flicked and poked, slapped, squeezed and tugged. Imagine doing that/having that done to you while your penis slowly rises. Ladies, imagine a squeezing a fistful of man meat, and seeing a big, thick cock growing for you. After thinking abot what a woman could do for me in that position I could use a good smack in the nuts.

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Saturday, November 5th, 2005
5:11 pm
My inaugural post.
Or perhaps that should be my inguinal post. I can't be bothered to run a spell checker on it in either case. Here's what I am woking on at the moment. It's called Vlad. Vlad is a sequal to an earlier work that spiraled out of control. The main character is the villian, Vlad, a self described vampire. His good looks, sense of style and charm are evident. Vlad thinks of himself as a vampire because he uses women, money, shelter, sex, booze, whatever. The next character is the vampire. Mysterious (okay, maybe spell checking is a necessary evil, but not yet) and erotic the vampire feeds on men's Evil. Not any man will do, her meal has to be special. Finally, the story is rounded out by the addition of Gypsy and Malik. Young lovers and free spirits, they function as the chorus and, hopefully, help the reader identify with the story. The original storyline had two more characters, and more complicating factors that were abandoned in fvour of more busts. This story is unfinished, and may never be finished, but I hope that you enjooy what you read.

Vlad always liked being a vampire. There was a certain freedom in it. Sure it meant giving up your day job, but the right kind of girl could always be found. He provided good looks, soft words and hope. She got her vampire fantasy and he got what he wanted. That was what really counted.

Tonight he was prepared for the hunt. His last meal, as he liked to think of them, had turfed him out when he smoked her last cigarette. It really did seem unfair, she hadn’t complained about the beer or food. Why would she get so fucking petty about a cigarette? But that was in the past. Tonight was the sort of cool, crisp night that brought girls close for warmth and comfort.

The downtown streets were bare during the twilight hour when day businesses were closing, and the night scene was still just a promise. Vlad stopped to check his reflection in a shop window. Tall, dark and handsome his mother used to say. If only she knew the half of it. Vlad had the sort of noble good looks that got him second glances from appreciative women and a few men. What money he had went into a stylish wardrobe that accentuated his build perfectly. Tonight he wore a sharp black jacket, a deep red silk shirt and euro-cut black slacks. He spent a few moments touching up his hair. He had dyed and gelled it to perfection. Vlad gave his shoes and nails one last check. All he needed now was someone who could believe that a handsome stranger really could fall in love with her in a single night and the rest would fall into place.


Several blocks away the vampire dreamed in the darkness as the sun fell. She rested in soft red and black. No light crept into her sanctum, no fresh air, no sound. Everything was still except for the vampire and her dreams. Men walked and danced and held her in their arms. All of them wanted her, but only a few had the scent she craved. The thick, rich smell that told her a man had what she needed was always in her dreams, but it was never enough. She could never get enough.

She dreamed that she was walking and she dreamed of men, proud, strong and beautiful. She could see them everywhere she walked, and feel their desire for her. The vampire could sense they way she made them feel, the stirrings that became a need. None of the men in her dreams was right. Some of the men she saw were exquisitely dressed, others wore only their lust. She passed them all, walking forward, feeling he own hunger grow deep in her belly. In the distance she could feel a man who was right for her, a man who had what she needed.


The sun had gone down, Gypsy and Malik sat on the bus, huddled together and glaring at anyone who stared at them. Gypsy folded her legs beneath her and rested her head on Malik’s chest. The material of his hemp shirt was coarse but it was warm and smelled good. “Do you think she’ll come tonight?”. Malik shrugged and fidgeted with the gold hoop in his left ear.

“I guess so. I mean yeah. She’ll come.” Malik paused and smoothed the red bandana that covered his thick brown hair. He looked at Gypsy for a long minute. In his mind she had nice tits, a pretty face and an ass that was even more fun to ride than it looked. Her blue peasant shirt showed plenty of skin and the black circle skirt showed off her hips. “Do you really want to see her? I mean she’s nothing special to see.”.

“I know, but I want to see what’s so great about this woman. You talk about her all the time and what she did.” Gypsy thought about the first time Malik had seen the vampire. He had been so distant and evasive when he talked. When he talked about the vampire Gypsy could tell that he was watching her in his mind.

“She’s real, if I see her I’ll point her out to you. She’s so fuckin wild, it’s crazy.” A teenager with a tour shirt had been watching them for some time. When the couple wasn’t talking his eyes never went further than Malik’s heavy leather boots. When they talked talking his eyes drifted to the bottom of Gypsy’s skirt and followed the line of her leg into the dark folds beyond. Malik noticed the boy’s gaze and stamped his feet. When the boy looked up, Malik made a fist. The boy pulled the stop request and got off.

Gypsy leaned back from Malik and slapped his arm in mock anger. “That was mean.”

“You should keep your feet on the ground, or at least wear panties.”


Vlad had found Shadows without difficulty. A real socialite would never have arrived at the bar so early but he liked to get to sit and watch. He had staked out a spot that gave him a good view of the bar and drank slowly. Women came to the bar and he checked them out. Most men would have done the same, but Vlad watched their hands more than anything else. Vlad watched for expensive rings and bracelets. He wanted to know who fumbled for change in her purse, who paid cash, who pulled out credit cards. He was always fond of girls who treated their friends on credit. It suggested that they were careless with their money. Vlad waited patiently, favoring a few with a smile, then looking away languidly. No one had taken the bait yet, buy he didn’t want to rush. Later in the evening he would find some distracted party-girl and then make his move. Vlad never approached directly. He let his intended victim win him away from someone else, someone less good, less deserving. It helped to make sure that the decoy woman was the sort who was always having a good time, he could ditch a woman like that without her making a scene.

While Vlad studied the other patrons the bar came to life around him. Regulars chatted with the staff, talkig about music, clohtes and hair. A pair of big, noisy young men came in, exchanged high-fives with the doorman and then headed for the bar. A few mintes later a trio of mousy girls wearing too much make-up came in. They walked about, discussing where to sit, quietly checking the few male patrons. Vlad considerd them for a moment, but ther clothes didn’t seem expensive, and there was no way to approach one of them without the other two dragging her off to safety.


In her dreams the vampire could smell Evil, hot and ready. Hunger rose deep within her. She could almost feel warm flesh in her grip, and male pride in her mouth. Sensations began to swim into her consciousness. The scent of men, warmth, hard flesh, the sound of boot-leather striking meat, luscious pouches in her grip. Shapes formed and she remembered. The man was delicious, she could feel Evil coming off him in waves. She waited, watched and knew that he was right. She made him want her, it was all so simple, just an impression, a memory of what had come before. She led him out the back to privacy and then the others showed up.

Two men, angry men, brothers. They yelled somethig about a sister. The two spoke to her man in harsh tones and she knew. She could see that the angry men would hurt her man and there would be no meal tonight. Then she saw their tight jeans, and the buldges in their pants. Her man tried to walk away, prentending to be unafraid but the angry men blocked his path. She watched them build up courage with strong words, and angry postures. Then she remembered how it had happened. She had let all the courage out of one man. Her foot went up. She could feel his balls through the leather of her boot, his courage and anger came out where she kicked him. Then the man clutched at his groin and saved the last bit of his pride from spilling out. He called her a cunt. That made her angry.

The second angry man saw what happened and grabbed her shoulder. She grabed the soft flesh between his thighs and squeezed. Her anger went from her chest, down her arm, through her fingers and into the vulnerable sack in her grip. His anger came out of his groin as well, and was pushed back by her anger. In her dream she could feel his naked scrotum, hair, warm skin, testicles squishing. She twisted her wrist and he was forgotten.

She saw her man look at her, afraid. He knew, he had seen her hurt men, hurt them where they were vulenerable. He said something weak and left. The angry men were gone. The hunting place was gone.The vampire dreamed of hunger.


The bus came to a halt at a busy intersection a few blocks from Shadows. Gypsy sprang from her seat and and skipped out the door. Malik was only a few steps behind, but Gypsy grabbed his arm and almost pulled him off the bus. “Hey, Earth to Gypsy, there’s no rush.”.

Gypsy replied by wrappng both her arms around his right and resting her head on his shoulder. “Gyps, what’s gotten into you? I am not going to vanish.”

“I know it’s just the last time you saw her, I mean the first time, you were just gone. We were at the bar, I went to dance for a few minutes and when I came back you were gone.”

“I wasn’t gone long. Besides, If you had seen her you would have wanted to watch too. She just walked up to this guy, like she popped out of nowhere and suddenly he’s totaly jonesing for her. You know when people look at one another like that it means something. I wasn’t like being a pervert or a voyeur or anything. They want to do it in an alley I can watch, right? Besides, I was worried he might do something bad to her or something.”

Gypsy let go of Malik’s arm just long enough thump his shoulder and then resumed her snuggled postion. “Maybe I should do what she does, then you’ld talk about me all the time.” Her right hand slid down his arm to his belly suggestively. Malik jerked his hips back for a second, then regained his composure.

“Yeah, if you can give a great blowjob like that, just without the ending I’d be your slave forever. Me and all the other guys on the planet.”.

Gypsy stopped suddenly and shook his arm as hard as she could. “You are mine forever mister, just you remember that.” Malik laughed and swore as he pulled forward until she had to follow to avoid falling. “Don’t let her grab your balls, okay. They’re for me only.”.

“Yeah, alright.”. They walked on in silence. Malik thinking about the vampire. Gypsy, clung to his arm and remembered that the first time Malik had see the vampire he had been evasive instead of his usual in your face self. He seemed kind of distant and his hands had smelled of cheap lquid soap.


She reached out and grasped his soft pouch. For a moment the vampire could sense the vulnerable masculinity between her fingers. His thick cock hung over her wrist, spent but still hot and heavy. He still wanted her, wanted more of her. A drop of semen glistend on the tip of his receding penis. The vampire could sense that his manhood was spent and now she could feast on his evil essence. She squeezed, her anticipation rose to shatter her dream.

She awoke hungry. All her other needs clamoured for attention in her head. There was a little twitch beneath her belly that called out louder then the others, but the hunger drove them all out.. The vampire got up slowly and quietly padded across her small appartment to the vanity. She always enjoyed the irony of looking in the mirror. Satisfied with what she saw, the vampire proceeded to the appartment’s crammed bathroom for a little freshening up.

Abloutions finished, the vampire stood at the foot of her bed and considered the clothes laid out top of the comforter. Each piece had been lovingly hand-sewn, and displayed it’s creator’s considerable skill and patience. True, her tastes were limited in colour, but the cut made all the differnce. Her gaze wanderd across tops, dresses, pants and shorts. Her fingers stroked the sheer, black dacron of a tight dress that sported red lace cuffs and collar, and un-adorned hell’s gates. Happy memories of longing glances stirred within her. She decided a cloak was necessary to avoid attention until the right moment. Then came a serious decision, shoes or boots?


So far Vlad had identified two prospects for his inital move. A loud, distinctly sporty woman had cruised in, and if there was any doubt that she did not belong, had spent most of her time complaining to the bartender about the oddly-named beers and ciders offered at Shadows. Any minute now the two farm boys in black where going to take a hint and buy her something. Vlad could see them discussing it betwwen themselves, each one tryng to get the other’s approval. It wouldn’t be too hard to step in before the two made up their minds sweep her up. The only other consideration was the clingy little number that had walked in clutching her boyfriend. She was clearly mad at him for some reason, mad enough to leave him for a dance or two, but she would certainly return once she had made her point.

While Vlad was considering his options one of sportsbunny was well ahead of him. She nursed her rum and coke dejectedly and succeded in looking at the empty dance floor with a mixture of sadness and disgust. The hardest part was acting surprised when a man who could easily have carried her in one arm finally walked up beside her and suggested a better drink. She coaxed him through his nervous introduction and acted flattered by his attention. Smiling her way through repeated pick-up lines took effort, but the man using them was cute and had a fresh, over-grown boyscout kind of charm.

Gypsy hung on Malik’s arm and watched the crowd grow and thicken. She could tell that he desperately wanted to go to the bar and order a beer, but he was steadfastly waiting at the edge of the crowd and trying to attract the attention of one of the few waitresses. She rubbed a lazy hand across his back and enjoyed the reassuring breadth while pretending to massage him. For his part Malik talked about trivial things and tried to carry on a conversation. He didn’t need to know that she was feeling happy with him just yet. A waitress, looking like some kind of dark faerie, made her way towards them. She had a surprisingly perky voice that easilycarried across music “Hi, how are you two doing tonight? Can I get you some drinks?”

“She’s having a Black’s cider, I’ll have a bottle of light beer.”

“Cormack’s okay?” Vlad nodded in response, then put his hand an the small of Gypsy’s back and inclined his head toward her.

“You always have Black’s when you’re like this.”

“What fdo you mean?”


“I’m not moody. I’m just thinking about something else, that’s all.”

“Well if you’re going to pretend to rub my back then try to get higher than my ass.” he teased. Gypsy pushed away quickly.

“I was not feeling your ass in front of all these people. Why would I, you have been ignoring me all night, looking at other girls and paying more attention to the music than me.”
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